I always knew I wanted to be some form of artist since I was very young, however it wasn’t until I was in my first Commercial Arts class where I learned basic Photoshop and Illustrator skills that my professor had told me that I should pursue a career as a graphic designer. I knew this would be a challenge as I am visually impaired, and yet I persisted. I continued to take a second level Commercial Arts class and then went on to be a Fine and Performing Arts major at Citrus College. 
There, I enrolled in many art and graphic design courses that eventually taught me more about visual communications, writing and graphic design. I earned an Associates in Arts degree in 2012 as well as a Certificate in Digital Image and Web Design in 2014. From there, I transferred to Cal Poly Pomona. 
Once I was accepted into Cal Poly Pomona as a Graphic Design major, I realized that the skills I learned at Citrus were basic and slightly less up to date compared to the level of expectations Cal Poly Pomona design students were held. However, I always persisted and tried my absolute best when it came to projects from the very start of my academic career towards the very end. I learned, I grew and I challenged myself as I kept climbing the ladder towards graduation. I also learned a lot about myself and which specialization within the graphic design industry I would like to partake in: packaging and print design. I am currently attending my last quarter at Cal Poly Pomona and will be able to finally get my hands onto my Bachelors degree and get my dream job in December 2017. 
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