Design is adaptable as it ebbs and flows through cultures and society, however it also serves as a cornerstone in human existence. You cannot communicate without proper design as it is important in utilizing many meanings into a single image. That is why I believe design should communicate clearly to others as well as be easily read, even if there are no words being used. 
Design should also have an aesthetic that is easy to read by using the combination of styles, typefaces and color schemes in an orderly manner. Thus, I believe design should be simple in utilizing elements to creating a well put together piece of art that can be appreciated for it’s aesthetic as well as what it communicates. 
Also, since design is forever changing through trends or accepted through social norms, so must the designer be as adaptable and flexible as the industry. Thus, one should follow trends and also study art history to show good design in its relevant time as well as use the most modern techniques and materials to develop a well read and simplistic design that communicates ideas fluently. 
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