I'm Desirey Wester of Desirey Wester Design (DWD) and I’d like to talk about why I love my job and my hobbies and why there’s really not a line between the two. I have always had a passion for the arts, music and anything in between. I am ambitious. I love to learn new things and I am very passionate about branding, packaging, stationery and print design. I just love how an idea can turn into a tangible piece of art. Sure, we are in a digital age, but you can only see a website, app or email. That’s why I feel that the more senses a work uses, the better. You can see the work, feel it and sometimes smell it when you’re experiencing a well crafted piece that resonates with us.
My mission is to create an experience that is simple, modern and elegant that will add value to brands or individuals through print (and sometimes digital) media. This will aid in brand development or continuing brand recognition through marketing and promotional materials. 
I consider my design style to be the best of both the modern and decorative worlds. I have a knack for arts and crafts and modern art history movements, which I constantly reference to in my work as well as varying graphic design trends. 
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